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Project led by Cloudy and Chris in Hong Kong.

“Self-love and self-appreciation is the essential element to build a happy life”

We pride ourselves on our process, our craft and our attention to detail.



Cloudy Jang

Co Founder and Designer

Chris Jang

Co Founder and Developer

Cloudy has over 15 years experience in interior design.  She never drew any portrait before. 

By accident, she start drawing portrait at home since pandemic in 2019 in order to release pressure in life.  Her critical eye oversees all the creatives output in this NFT project.


She keeps looking for inspiration and strives to bring a sense of freshness to every project.

An expert in web accessibility and standards-based web design, Chris oversees all the technical aspects of our projects.

She enjoys taking complicated websites & making the users experience simple.  Been developing websites and app since 2000.

Driven by bold creative thinking to help brand grows.

Some would say Chris is a daydreamer,  as she sees the world through a slightly different lens.

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